Twistshake 5x Ezybag 2100mL

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Product Description

Twistshakes Ezy Bag is a smart resealable bag – the perfect storage option for snacks and accessories on the go. You can fill it with, for example, biscuits, sandwiches and fruit, or why not pacifiers, teething rings or cutlery for your child, to keep them clean and fresh in the bag before use? Ezy Bag is a waterproof, smart little bag you can use on the beach to keep your mobile phone and money in, to stop them from getting wet. You can also use it to store sun cream or shampoo in your suitcase to avoid spills and mess. There are so many possible uses!

Ezy Bag is reusable and of course, free from BPA. It is safe for food, and also in the dishwasher (upper rack) and the freezer. It is 24 x 27 cm and it holds 2.1 litres, so there is plenty of room. Equipped with dual locking devices to prevent leaks. Choose from five crisp patterns: marble in grey and blue, pineapple, strawberry and banana.


BPA-free – a safe and secure product for you and your child.
Safety – works well in the dishwasher on the upper rack and in the freezer.
Double ziplock – dual locking device that prevents leakage.
Tested – safe for food.
Size – holds 2.1 litres and measures 24 x 27 cm.
Convenient storage – perfect for storing snacks and accessories on the go.
Design – available in five delightful patterns.
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