Twistshake Formula Container 1700ml White

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Convenient formula container for your baby’s formula or other dry goods. Comes with a scoop, a smart edge for easy measuring, and an airtight lid that opens with just a click. Available in several colours!

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Product Description
Smart storage for your baby’s formula, or porridge. Never before has it been easier to serve food to your baby with just one hand! This innovative powder container has a hygienic design with an airtight lid that can be opened with just a click. Included in the powder container is a scoop as well as a smart edge, so you can scrape off excess powder to give the right amount to your baby. Tip! Buy a few powder containers in different colours to identify different contents. Choose between white, black, blue and pink. Psst…. The formula container works well for your tea and coffee too.

BPA free – a safe and secure product for you and your baby.
Airtight lid – for hygienic storage of your baby’s formula, substitute or porridge.
Convenient size – holds 1700 ml.
Click Lid – easy to open with a simple click.
Smart hanger – your scoop is always close at hand. The included scoop holds 9.4 ml (approx. 4.5 grams of formula powder)
Made in high-quality food-grade AS and ABS plastic.

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