Twistshake Straw Cup 360ml 6+m Pastel Blue

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The Twistshake no-spill Straw Cup is perfect for smoothies or mealtime drinks. Grip-friendly design and BPA free for the safety of your child. Available in several colours.

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Product Description
The Twistshake no-spill Straw Cup is the perfect perfect sippy cup for your growing child?s drinks and tasty smoothies, both at home and when you are out and about. The smart silicone seal between the straw and lid prevents spills and unnecessary mess – perfect for the parent with an energetic child, who longs for an easier day during the toddler years! The Straw Cup suits children from 6 months of age and is available in several lovely colours to suit all tastes. If your child gets to choose their favourite, the sippy cup will be their favourite choice for a refreshing snack! The Straw Cup is easy for your child to use itself with the unique “”pulling-lid”” that opens and closes with a quick pull. The lid cannot become detached or lost when your child is drinking, but remains firmly on the bottle. Something less to worry about! It also has a smart handle that is comfortable for both you and your child to hold and carry whilst out walking. Together with the bottle, the lid is perfectly designed for you to be able to screw the different parts on and off the bottle effortlessly. It has a grip-friendly design and an extra wide bottle neck for easy cleaning. The Straw Cup is of course, free from BPA for your child’s safety and best start in life. It holds 360 ml – just enough for a fortifying smoothie or for a drink that will last a longer time when you?re out for the day.

The straw is made of the carefully-tested material silicone in a soft, prestressed form. It is available to buy separately under our ACCESSORIES department, as well as the no-spill silicone sealant. The lid also fits on the Twistshake Kid Cup, which you will find under our SIPPY CUPS section. The cup is dishwasher safe on the upper rack. Do not forget to remove the silicone seal and clean it by hand for effective cleaning.

No-spill ? Straw with integral no-spill silicone seal for your child’s active lifestyle.
The straw ? is made of silicone with a soft, prestressed form. Available to buy separately.
Lid ? opens and closes with a simple pull. Closes tightly and also acts as a handle.
Holds: 360ml ? just the right amount for a smoothie snack or for simply a drink that will last for longer.
BPA free ? a safe and secure product for you and your child.
Choose from seven beautiful colours: pink, blue, purple, green, black, white and grey.
Suitable for children from 6 months.
Dishwasher safe on the upper rack.

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